Handkerchief No.02




Handkerchief 2 is on Excess. The second issue of the magazine shows the content of the exhibition “Linea de Vida – Museo Travesti del Peru”, held for the first time in Europe in Brussels in 2015 and curated by the Peruvian curator Miguel Lopez. It is a project – created almost a decade ago by the artist, philosopher and drag queen Giuseppe Campuzano – of a nomadic museum, showing the lives of Peruvian transexual people. 

Handkerchief aims to be a tool to raise awareness and promote a dialogue on a subject which is still a sensitive issue in our society as is homophobia and gender orientation. Each issue is focused on a specific topic and employs color according to the “Handkerchief Code”, a communication system used among the homosexual community during the Sixties to indicate different sexual attitudes and preferences. In this way the content of each issue has a visual correspondence through its color. 

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