Dressed with the black hat

Borsalino, dressed with the black hat


The project has started with the will to tell a new story on the well-known Borsalino company,  starting by archiving a collection of  images token by historical archive of Borsalino’s family and civic photo library in Alessandria. We realized a small monograph that focus on the connection between the Borsalino company and the israeli market. The decision to focus on this connection between one of the most bigger religion and one of the most hats producer was born when we have discovered that Borsalino is not just a fashion hat but it’s a real dress code for the jewish community. In fact the Borsalno itself has been changed in about 40 years to identify not only the total religion but mostly all the declinations of orthodox judaism. Today Borsalino represents a status symbol for jewish community.

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